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Article I - Name

This organization shall be known as the “Design Professionals Coalition” or “DPC.”

Article II - Purposes

Section A. Provide the mechanism and the means for prompt and effective actions on procurement issues affecting the eligibility and conditions of large firms where by firms of all sizes compete for Federal contracts.
Section B. Take similar actions on other legislative and regulatory issues deemed to create favorable outcomes for constituent firms.
Section C. Serve as a forum for discussions of business matters.
Section D. Create a cohesive support network for collaboration among member firms on activities of a national focus.
Section E.  Operate as an ACEC Coalition and be bounded by such Coalition guidelines as prescribed by that organization’s Board of Directors and/or Executive Committee.

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Article III - Membership

Section A. Membership is limited to large firms organized to practice engineering, architecture, surveying, mapping and related fields or combinations in design, construction management, and/or design-build with a national or regional presence.
Section B.  Each company shall name a Senior Principal to be its Designated Representative who demonstrates leadership skills and an interest in working on behalf of DPC purposes/missions.  This person may further designate another Senior Principal from that firm to act in his or her absence and who will be groomed as that firm’s future DPC representative.  Senior Principal is defined as a Chairman, CEO, President, Board Member, or Executive in the upper management of the firm.
Section C. DPC members must be a member of or join ACEC within one year.
Section D. Firms belonging to DPC as of 1986 when it became an ACEC Coalition shall be designated as “DPC Charter Firms.”

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Article IV - Meeting/Voting

Section A.

General Membership

  1. Each member firm in good standing shall have one vote in all elections and on all matters brought before the DPC general membership.
  2. General Membership Meetings shall be held on a regular basis in the winter and summer.  Special meetings may be called by the Chairman, Executive Committee, or one-third (1/3) of the member firms, provided at least ten days notice is given.
  3. One-fourth (1/4) of all member firms in good standing shall constitute a quorum for conducting business.  A lesser number may meet to informally discuss matters, but may take no official actions.
  4. A majority of those voting on the issue shall decide the question except for amending these By-Laws as provided for in Article VI.
  5. Roberts Rules of Order shall be used for the conduct of all business except where it is in conflict with provisions of these By-Laws.
  6. Membership shall commence upon payment of such dues and/or fees as prescribed by DPC, and shall continue except if terminated through non-payment of dues after sixty (60) days or by a majority vote of DPC firms.
Section B.

Executive Committee

  1. The Executive Committee shall meet prior toand in conjunction with, eachGeneral Membership Meeting.
  2. Special meetings may be called by the Chairman or any two members of the Executive Committee and may be conducted via conference call.

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Article V - Government Of The Design Professionals Coalition

Section A.

Executive Committee

  1. The Executive Committee of DPC may exercise all powers of the organization except those reserved to the officers and members.
  2. The Executive Committee shall consist of a Chairman and not less than five (5) members or more than eleven (11) members.  Included in that number are a Chairman, a Secretary-Treasurer, a past Chairman, when one exists and others designated as Members-at-Large.
Section B.

Offices and Duties of Officers

  1. Chairman.  The Chairman shall: preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee and general membership; designate those having authority to approve checks drawn against the DPC funds; appoint chairmen and members of committees; serve as spokesman for DPC; propose an annual budget for adoption at the winter General Membership meeting; and possess all powers normally exercised by an organization’s chairman.
  2. Vice Chairman.  The Past Chairman shall: in case of death, resignation, or incapacitation of the Chairman, serve as Acting Chairman until the next meeting of the membership when a special election shall be held to fill the office of Chairman; and perform such duties as assigned by the Chairman.
  3. Secretary-Treasurer.  The Secretary-Treasurer shall: be responsible for recording and distributing minutes or summaries of Executive Committee and general membership meetings; maintain a current membership list and official administrative records of the DPC; be responsible for distributing meeting and other notices; be in charge of receipts and disbursement of funds; maintain financial records of the DPC; and bill the membership for dues and assessments.  The Secretary-Treasurer may delegate routine responsibilities to staff of DPC.
  4. Past Chairman.  The Past Chairman shall perform such duties as assigned by the Chairman.
  5. Executive Committee Members-at-Large.  Members-at-Large shall have duties assigned by the Chairman.
Section C.

Election of Officers and Executive Committee

  1. Officers and Executive Committee members shall be elected annually by secret ballot.  The election will take place at the summer General Membership meeting.  A majority of votes cast is required for election.  Each Designated Representative is eligible to hold office.
  2. Terms of office
    1. The term of office shall be for one year, beginning January 1st and ending December 31st, except as provided for in the case of an individual elected for a term beginning May of 1998.
    2. An individual elected to office beginning in May of 1998 will serve a term that ends on December 31st, 1998.
    3. There is no limit on the number of terms an individual may serve.
  3. Not later than April 30th of each year, the Chairman shall appoint a Nominating Committee.  The committee shall submit a list of nominees for the various offices to the member firms not later than 15 days prior to the summer General Membership meeting. Recommendations may be submitted to the Committee for consideration.  Selection guidelines for nomination include:
    • Geographic balance
    • Active in DPC
    • Promote rotation
    • Maintaining a continuity of leadership
  4. Additional nominations will be called for at the election meeting and may be made from the floor.
  5. Vacancies caused by resignation, death, or incapacitation will be filled by a majority vote of those attending the next regular or special meeting.

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Article VI - Amendments

Section A.  These By-laws may be amended by a majority of those present and voting so long as the total votes in favor are equal to or greater than one third (1/3) of the total membership.
Section B.  An amendment may be proposed by any member or officer by mailing it to each firm’s representative not later than fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting at which it is to be considered.

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Article VII - Dues/Assessments/Payments

Section A.  Members firms shall pay annual dues in amounts agreed upon by the membership.
Section B. Additional assessments may be made as required.
Section C.  Funds will be deposited in an ACEC account designated as DPC funds.
Section D. Bills shall be paid upon authorization of the Chairman or persons designated by him.

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Article VIII - Committees

Section A. Members of all Committees, whether standing or special, shall be appointed by the Chairman and serve at his pleasure.
Section B.  Committee meetings are subject to the call of their respective Chairmen.

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