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General Accomplishments
  • Dodging a bullet with FASB 150 (Financial Accounting Standards Board).
  • Benchmarking and support for our members.
  • Support of the FHWA, Santorum QBS/Audit Federal standards Transportation Amendment. for non-complying states eliminating caps in overhead and salaries.
  • Positive Influence on ACEC’s priorities and agenda, which improved federal government affairs for industry issues.
  • DOT Office of Inspector General White Paper and response.
  • Education of our membership on federal legislative and regulatory/procurement issues.
  • Organizing a group of industry leaders into an Executive Committee.
  • Very successful and effective meetings in program content, education and networking.
  • Countering initiatives opposing outsourcing and privatization.
  • Establishing a culture of trust in DPC.
  • Support of the QBS and federal procurement system for AE/professional services
  • Our ability to focus on small number of targeted common issues.
  • Development of alternatives small business set aside programs, which enhance competition and benefit tax payers and federal clients.

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